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Canva Alternatives: Why Should You Consider Other Websites Like Canva

Canva is the best design tool for social media graphics. It boasts plentiful of font options you can use to create stunning presentations, infographics, and social media posts. It also features a photo editor that allows you to crop an image or change filter within the app. Furthermore, you can automatically resize to turn your Instagram graphics into your email header.

Unfortunately, the online design website is not without limitations. Here are a few whys and wherefores of using Canva alternatives:

  • Limited free icons
    The major downside of Canva is its lack of free icons. While it allows you to add your images and icons, it can be challenging to find good free ones. A good icon from the app will cost you $1 each. You won’t be charged until you are prepared to download it, but it can still be pretty pricey. Imagine you need over 10 icons to create an infographic. The costs can add up quickly.

 Alternatively, websites like Canva with an extensive collection of free icons include BeFunky, Visme, Stencil, and Desygner. They have thousands of free icons in their library that you can use to create a remarkable graphic design. They are also ideal creatives with little to no design experience. Read more here.

  • Requires tutorials to get started
    Compared to other apps like Canva, the web-based design tool is not very user-friendly. You may need tutorials to start creating beautiful graphic design. While the app has hands-on and video tutorials to teach you the essentials of design, you can use the time to start with your project by using Canva alternatives, such as Piktochart and Crello. 

Piktochart is the perfect solution for creatives with limited resources, while Crello is ideal for those who need inspiration when creating social media posts. Both are awesome for amateur graphic designers and social media marketers.

  • System glitches
    Canva has some system glitches that can be really annoying. In case you encounter some of these issues, it is best to have some websites like Canva as an alternative. The most reliable app to create images in a matter of minutes is Adobe Spark. It is ideal for graphic designers who are familiar with Adobe software applications and offers a free plan that allows you to use templates without fees.

 Adobe Spark comprises three mobile apps: Adobe Spark Post for creating social media images, Spark Video for producing short films, and Spark Page for designing web pages.

  • Social media graphics can be blurry sometimes
    Sometimes, social media graphics appear blurry even with the recommended size in Canva. This can be a big issue if you want to exude a sense of professionalism with your social media posts and blog post. When this happens, you may need to use apps like Canva that can bring you your desired results. Snappa is perfect for creating images for social media and blog posts. It also has an easy-to-use interface and gives you an option to share your work instantly.

Thank to websites like Canva, you have several options to continue with your design projects. They are ideal for everyone. You just have to select one that fits your creative needs. You can use them to build professional designs for just about anything, such as social media posts, blogs, business cards, ad banners, and greeting cards. Overall, they offer some much-needed graphics for print, presentations, and infographic design.

Maximize your Market Impact with Cheap Stock Video Footage

Cheap stock video footage represents a generic idea, so you can use it in multiple ways. It generally covers a wide array of topics, including natural disasters, city skylines, and nature shots. It is also a short film so you can use them in every way to maximize benefits. Equipped with the right license and releases, there are several benefits a stock footage offers in video productions.

  • Lowers overall production costs. Cheap stock video footage is affordable. It does not require a large sum of money to pay for travel, location permits, equipment and talent. It can be incorporated in your own video productions when you missed or mistook a shot. Mostly, some clips are generic. Once you acquire the license and rights to them, you can download and use royalty-free videos in different productions for a one-time payment.
  • Reduces production time. Shooting your own video is very time-consuming. You have to prepare for the permits, travel to and set up the location, organize the equipment, assemble the talents and many more. It could take hours to a few days to complete one scene. On the other hand, cheap stock video footage is readily available in the Internet. Just visit your preferred stock media agency, purchase credits, and download the footage you need. You can redirect your extra time to post-editing and post-production to maximize your impact to the market.
  • Bridges gaps and tells a story. Cheap stock video footage helps you tell a story by bridging the gaps between scenes. You do not have to worry about incoherent scenes. A few good examples of footages used to bridge gaps are clips of rain to establish the weather outside and clips of the interior of buildings to establish an office environment.
  • Ensures great quality. Most contributors are now submitting high quality videos in 2K and 4K resolution. You can choose among web, standard definition, high definition and 4K videos to fit your creative needs and budget. We recommend purchasing the highest resolution so you won’t have any regrets in the future. However, if you have limited budget, purchasing according to your purpose is best.
  • Exclusive access. If you are making a documentary about a historical event, purchasing a cheap stock video footage is your best chance of creating an efficient and authentic production. For instance, you are making a documentary about the famous 9/11 attack. Since event cannot be duplicated today, the best way to replicate the scenes is by incorporating video clips to your project. By doing so, you will be able to add value and reliability to your video.

You can simply select the cheap stock video footage you need from your preferred stock media source. It is a cost-effective way to achieve a high level of creativity in your projects and maximize your impact to the market.


What iStock Video License Comes with My Downloads?

Are you considering iStock to be your primary video source? You have made a great choice. iStock is backed by over 15 years of experience. Acquired by Getty Images in 2006, it continues to be on the top of the industry. With millions of high quality clips in its library, you will surely find the perfect video for your creative needs – whatever theme or style.

But, what iStock video license comes with your downloads? First, you should know that videos in the library are not available on subscription. You need credits to start downloading them and credits are purchased from the website as well. The license that comes with all files downloaded from the stock site is a Standard Royalty Free license. It allows you to use the videos in multiple ways as stated in the terms and conditions.

But, it’s not only that!

By purchasing videos with credits, you have the chance to add an Extended License to your clips. Yes, iStock is giving you the opportunity to use their videos in many other ways. So if you are thinking about using the clips in ways not covered in the standard license, you should definitely do this. Here’s what you can do with an Extended License:

  • Unlimited reproduction/print run
  • Multiple users can use the file
  • Create products for resale
  • Increased indemnification up to $250,000 with an Extended Legal Guarantee instead of only $10,000

No matter what type of iStock video license you get, you cannot use the clips in any logo or trademark. You can incorporate them in pornographic, obscene and defamatory context.

iStock provides ready-to-use, high quality videos that are only available through credit packages. You can put them in almost any project you can think off. All content are contributed by artists all around the world and are thoroughly examined to ensure quality.


Tip #1: Improving My Sites with Adobe Stock Photos

According to advertising legend David Ogilvy, the use of stock photos can either increase or decrease readership based on four factors – caption, placement, margin and relevance. If used correctly, they can add value to a website and improve user’s experience. They can hold useful information that makes it difficult for users to overlook them. Adobe Stock helps you achieve that by providing gorgeous, high-quality and cheap stock photos.

By using Adobe Stock and living by Ogilvy’s insight, I have transformed my websites from ugly and amateurish to sophisticated and professional. I’ve reinvented my old websites to modern ones. From cute cartoons to high-quality photos, I’ve created breathtaking designs that make all my time and effort worth it. Making images and photos a part of my business and content marketing tactics have provided significant results. It enhanced my websites in so many ways. How did stock photos improve my sites? Find out!

  • All my websites now look good. People like eye-candy. They crave for it. They are more likely to browse around websites that are effectively-designed with images. Of course, I make sure that the stock photos I use are relevant to my content to eliminate unrelated visual noise and promote effective visual communication.
  • I’ve gained more readers. Yes, my websites have greater conversion now that I am using Adobe Stock photos. Images are attention-grabbing. They give a boost to your content’s page views. As I’ve said, as long as they are relevant to your content, they will keep your new visitors from hitting the back button.
  • I’ve gained more customers. My websites range from blogs to ecommerce. Through images, my websites have impressed potential customers and turned them into buyers. Eye-catching websites make visitors more likely to buy. In fact, 60% of consumers say that the quality of photos and images play an important part in choosing and buying a product.
  • High-quality images are hip and modern. Whether we admit it or not, people love hip and modern. They trust these kinds of companies. And with Adobe Stock, my websites achieved that. So, now I get more visitors and sales.

Adobe Stock provides me with loads of high-quality images that convey the value proposition of my websites. It teases my readers with story appeal. My articles now get up to 94% more total views. Engagement rates in my social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are also higher. Facebook is an important part of my social media marketing strategy and I never fail to include images in my updates.

How about you? Are you also using cheap stock photos to improve your websites? What stock photo agency are you subscribed to? Has it worked for you? I suggest that you also improve your websites with Adobe Stock photos. If you have an online store, expect higher engagement rates and sales. If you issue press releases, expect an increase in online views. I look forward to hearing your own stock photo story.


Getty Images Partners with VCG to Get Corbis Footage and Images

Getty Images and Corbis are two of the world’s leader in visual communications. Through the former’s partnership with the largest Chinese new media and visual communication business, the creative community is in for a better treat. Getty has over 200 million visual content in its library and is expanding to include Corbis footage (which you can find here), images, and archival content. This content will be available in VCG platform in China and Getty Images to the rest of the world.


VCG or Visual China Group acquired Corbis in order to expand globally. Under their terms of agreement, VCG will own and manage the names and trademarks associated with Corbis Motion, Images and Veer. They will be responsible for licensing all images associated with these brands in China and all around the world. But, what does Getty Images have to do with this?

Getty Images is the most trusted and esteemed source of visual content in the industry today. It innovates to bring its customers the most comprehensive and diverse content for the creative projects. The addition of Corbis footages and images to its collection bring unparalleled depth and breadth to its library. VCG has been exclusively distributing Getty Images content in China for over 10 years, this partnership will strengthen their relationship in the visual content industry.


What content will you be able to access from Getty Images? GI will represent Corbis Motion, Corbis Images and Veer. It will also include archival and documentary content, such as from the Bettmann and Syma archives.

VCG and Getty Images have started the transition of the most significant Corbis content on May 2, 2016 and will continue with the rest of the Corbis footages and images during the summer. The migration will be completed as quickly as possible to make sure that customers, contributors and partners will have a seamless transition. All Corbis content are now available at Getty Images as new collections. You can filter your searches to see the migrated content or view it alongside GI collections.

Getty Images integrated Corbis footage, images and archival content as well as partners and contributors that they do not represent to give their customers a more comprehensive and diverse collection of stock assets. It now offers a broader offering across stills, videos, archival content, creative and editorial – all available in one place.

You will surely benefit from this migration as you will enjoy a complete content offering, standardized terms, unified service, and simplified experience. With over 200 million stock content in the library, you will have more premium collections to choose from. More of the highest quality content are available in one place plus pricing for every budget level. Royalty-free to prestige content are all available for purchase via Ultrapacks.


Experience HD and 4K Clips with a Shutterstock Footage Coupon

shutterstock logo newA Shutterstock footage coupon can be the difference between an awesome web content and an uninteresting one. Remember that stock footage you have been eyeing for weeks but couldn’t get because of some budget restrictions? Now, you can purchase and download it with a coupon. Do not let high price come between you and creating your best project yet. Use a coupon and experience HD and 4K clips from Shutterstock.

Great stories start at Shutterstock. The stock media site boasts stunning content at straightforward prices. With over 90 million high quality stock images, videos, illustrations and audio clips, you will surely find the right asset for your creative projects. But, cheap stock content is not only what the website offers. It also provides free tools to search and edit images, and free stock files every week. That’s right! You can download one photo and one vector for free every week.

Shutterstock Footage

You may already know that Shutterstock is one of the best sources for stock images, but what you do not know is that the stock site also offers stock footage. Currently, it has more than 5 million of the best royalty-free stock videos at various sizes and resolutions. You have the choice to download a single clip or save with a pack. Purchasing a single clip is recommended if you only need one or two videos. But, a pack is suitable for larger needs.

Shutterstock footage prices vary according to purpose and resolution. For web purposes, you can purchase and download a single video clip for only $19. If you require Standard Definition (SD) videos, you can get them for only $49 each. High Definition (HD) videos are priced at $79 each, while 4K clips are available at $199. You can purchase and download the video that fits your creative needs, so you don’t have to pay more for what you don’t need.

You can also get a pack for more savings. You can choose to purchase a pack of web, SD, HD, and 4K videos, starting at 5 clips a pack. All videos purchased in a pack must be downloaded within 365 days. They fall under a standard license, so you can use them in any project. Shutterstock allows you to have more than one active pack at the same time. That means you can enjoy 3 HD packs at a time. Plus, you’ll be able to choose which pack to download from in the cart.

A Shutterstock footage coupon allows you to download any stock footage from the stock media site. You do not have to worry about going beyond your budget anymore. Actually, you can even enjoy a few savings which you can use in other important activities that will your project even more amazing.